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What is CRC?

What is CRC? 


CRC means Child Resistant Certification, authorized by the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act in January of 2021. This certification means the E-Juice inside the device is not easily accessible for children, and those who are under the legal vaping age. Products that have this certification will have a sticker on the packaging to indicate it meets safety requirements.


What does this mean for consumers? 


A wide range of products are affected by this new law, here we will outline some of the products now unavailable Canada-wide. 



This means pre-built wire, spooled wire, RTA’s, RTDA’s, RDA’s, Non-CRC Atomizers & Pods, glass and replacement parts for Non-CRC Tanks will be unavailable for purchase Canada-wide. Unfortunately, many consumers will have to purchase new, compliant products that feature a CRC certification. 


What products are still available? 


There are still a variety of options for Tanks and Closed-Pod systems, with more being released monthly. 


Closed-Pod systems (STLTH, NIKKI, JUUL, ect) and disposables (ALLO, Ghost, ENVI, ect)  are virtually unaffected as they are already closed-off systems. 


Need more information? 


The Government of Canada has provided an industry guide, titled ‘Industry Guide to Vaping Products Subject to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act’ and can be viewed by visiting this link:  


Vaping Products Labelling and Packaging Regulations


Glossary of Terms : 


Closed-Pod System : You cannot refill with your own juice, you must buy pre-filled pods (i.e STLTH, NIKKI, JUUL, ect)

Open-Pod System : You must purchase E-Juice and fill your own pod (i.e Caliburn G, Novo X, Nord 4, ect)

Tank : A reservoir for your E-Liquid to be held in, and a replaceable Coil/Atomizer head to heat up the E-Liquid and produce vapor. Usually designed for Sub-Ohm vaping, with larger “Box Mods”. 

Disposable : A one-time use device that can be disposed of when the battery life runs out. 

RTA : Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. This rebuildable has a reservoir for E-Juice, and a build deck for rebuilding. You still can drip your E-Liquid like an RDA, but it won’t need it as often with a reservoir. 

RDTA : Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. A combination between an RDA and an RTA, the RDTA uses a reservoir tank on the top of the build deck, so the wicks can hang down into the tank, and soak up the liquid and feed it to the coil to produce vapor. 

RDA : Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. This is a type of rebuildable that requires the user to drip their own E-Liquid onto the coil and cotton, it does not have a reservoir to hold any E-Juice. 

RBA : Rebuildable Atomizer. This refers to any Coil/Atomizer with a build deck for you to put your own coils and cotton into.