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1 Vaping 101
1.1 How do vapour devices work?

All vapour devices work in the same fundamental way, regardless if it's for E-Juice or alternative methods ; A battery powers a atomizer/coil, (the heating element) which in turn, turns a liquid solution into an inhalable vapour. Different devices apply these principals in differing ways - and it’s surprising just how many variants have been created from such a simple concept!

1.2 What device should I buy?

This can be a very tricky question, as it depends on your preferences and experience with vaping. If you're a cigarette smoker looking to transition to vaping, we usually recommend a pod vape, using nicotine salts to start with. It's a cheap, easy starter solution, just in case vaping isn't for you. 


If you're just looking for the most vapor production and flavor possible, you should consider buying a high wattage box mod kit. Sub-ohm E-Juice is what you'd use with this, which is a lot less harsh compared to the higher nicotine salts. 


1.3 What is VG/PG in an E-Liquid?

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are ingredients in E-Liquid which create the vapour, and change the viscosity of the E-liquid. Both are widely used in a variety of products for human consumption. PG is associated with a stronger “throat hit” but with less visible vapor, whereas VG has a sweet-ish taste and produces a much more visible vapor. Some vapers find PG irritates their throat and lungs and choose to use VG based e-liquids instead. Some e-liquids contain a blend of both ingredients to balance out the characteristics of each.


In most Sub-Ohm blends, Freebase E-juice, they will have a VG/PG ratio of 30/70, for maximum flavour and cloud production. Whereas compared with Salt-Nicotine based E-liquids, they have a VG/PG of 50/50 for maximum nicotine deliverance and easy "wickability" in smaller pod-mods. 

1.4 What E-Liquids should I buy?

Once again, there is no one-size fits all answer here, because everyone has their own favourite flavour palettes. So,  the best thing you can do is to try out a few E-Liquids and see which one suits you. There's six prominent flavour profiles for Vape E-liquid ; Bakery & Dessert, Fruity, Menthol & Mint, Tobacco Blends, Candy, Coffee & Nutty.


Interestingly enough, don’t assume that you need an authentic tobacco flavor to enjoy vaping if you smoked previously. We find that the vast majority of vapers end up choosing a flavor other than tobacco, and this happens very quickly if they try a few different ones to begin with!

1.5 What strength of E-Liquid should I buy?

Ultimately, this all depends on personal preference. Most cigarettes have a nicotine concentration of 6-24mg, whereas with vaping, you have two separate options, depending on what device you have. Salt Nicotine ranges from 10mg-20mg (BC Compliant) ; while Freebase or "Sub-Ohm" E-liquids range from 0.1mg-18mg.


You will need to figure out what kind of vaping style you like, Sub-Ohm or Salts, and try out some E-Liquids. On average, someone transitioning from daily smoking will choose to use a 15-20mg Salt-Based Nicotine, whereas a veteran vaper looking to transition off from vaping may vape a 0.1mg- Freebase E-Juice. Put simply, some vapers prefer a stronger nicotine E-Liquid, but on a lower powered device (like a pod-mod!), whereas others prefer less nicotine but on a more powerful device (Sub-Ohm vaping).


Every vaper differs in how much nicotine they need, and how much they want to vape overall. So, if you want to vape less, use a stronger E-Liquid, but if you find you’re getting too much nicotine from the amount you like to vape, move to a less strong E-Liquid. 

1.6 What are the repeated costs of vaping?

The main ongoing cost of vaping is the e-liquid and coils, which all vary in cost. Generally, coils are $2 - $7 a piece, and E-juice ranges from $12.50 - $19.99, depending on your type of E-Juice (Freebase or Salt). Generally, how often other parts (batteries, glass & pyrex, ect.) need to be replaced with vaping, depend greatly on your setup, but are minimal for cost. 



1.7 How often do I need to change my coil?

Most vapers need to change a vaporizer coil between every 1 - 2 weeks of use, but it really depends on what setup you have. Generally, an estimate would be two weeks, but it depends on how heavily you use your vape, and what other influencing factors there are. VG/PG ratios, or extremely sweet juice can degrade the coil quicker, as can running it at higher watts.


Monitor the taste of your vapor and look for signs the coil may be needing a change. The most common sign your coil will be needing a replacement, is that it's giving off a burnt taste. Other signs include, gurgling, spitting, leaking and sometimes, the device won't be able to register the coil and say "no atomizer". If you think you need to replace your coil, don't wait, and get a new one. This is a very important component in your vape as it's a heating element, and you do not want to be using an old coil.  

1.8 Are vape batteries rechargeable?

Yes, only if you don't get a one-time-use disposable! You have the option to charge the battery through the mod via USB or USB-C ; or if you have removable batteries, it's highly suggested to get an external battery charger, to ensure longevity of the battery life.