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About us

At Juicy Vape Shop, our mission and commitment is to help adult cigarette smokers switch from traditional cigarettes to using E-Cigarettes, or a Vaporizer. We work hard to serve our communities with passion and dedication, to ensure we can continue to help adult-smokers transition successfully, and learn about alternatives to cigarette use. 


We've made sure to hand-pick the best selection of E-Juice and devices to stock our shelves with, to give you a tailored set-up to suit your exact needs and ensure the finest quality product. Whether it be finding the perfect flavour or the perfect device, our staff will make sure you walk away feeling confident with any purchase you make. 


Since being locally founded, we’ve helped thousands make the switch, and we continue to strive to help make a global impact in turning our communities cigarette-free. Our staff and management has been local to Kamloops, BC for 20+ years, so we are proud to serve our home communities with honesty and integrity. 


Thank-you for choosing to shop local, with Juicy Vape Shop. See you soon!


- JVS Team